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Yingling’s airport Subway adds Mama DeLuca’s Pizza

The Subway restaurant inside Yingling Aviation on the campus of Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport has rolled out an addition it hopes brings patrons back when they have a craving for something other than sandwiches.

The store now offers Mama DeLuca’s Fast, Delicious Pizza, which is a co-brand of Subway.


Manager Zach Theademan says the opportunity came about when he attended a Subway conference last year and sat in on a presentation about the chain’s non-traditional stores and co-brands.

Subway’s founder was Fred DeLuca and the pizza concept was named to honor his mother.

Theademan says things progressed rapidly from there, with the already unique location deemed a good spot for the pizza addition.

The airport Subway is just the second location in Kansas, with the first being in Greensburg, and one of fewer than 100 nationwide.

Theademan says the Subway inside Yingling, which is an aviation services company located east of the new terminal building, has had good success with workers from around the airport campus and transient traffic since it opened in 2014.

That includes what he says has been excellent business catering to surrounding businesses — an area he thinks will continue to grow with the possibility of ordering multiple pizzas for a group lunch at the airport now among customers’ options.

The DeLuca’s pizza’s come in sizes ranging from 9 inch personal pizzas to 14-inch larges.

Customers can choose from seven different versions or even build their own — with all of it being made in about the same time it takes for a Subway sandwich.

And it isn’t just pizza.

There are also wings, bread sticks, pretzel sticks and calzones.

In addition to what it already offers, Theademan says a take-and-bake option similar to Papa Murphy’s is on the way.

It’s all part of an addition, he says, that will give customers more options and keep them coming back to the restaurant’s aircraft hangar home day after day.

“We think it’s a terrific plus for us,” Theademan says.

Daniel McCoy covers aviation, manufacturing, automotive and Koch Industries.

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